High Sensitivity Sound Microphone Sensor Detection Module for Arduino AVR PIC
Description:1. Can detect ambient sound intensity, the use of note: the sensor can only identify the presence of (according to the principle of vibration) of sound does not recognize the sound or the size of the particular frequency of sound.2....
New 12V Delay Timer Monostable Switch Relay Module NE555 Car Oscillator
Brief description]One size: 6.8CM * 2.1CMSecond, the main chip: NE555Third, the working voltage: 12V Four characteristics:1, power relay delay pull. Specifically: 12v power supply to the relay, the relay will not immediately sucked and status relayoutputs are: normally open disconnected...
One 1 Channel Relay Module interface Board Shield 5V low level trigger
1PCS 5V low level trigger One 1 Channel Relay Module interface Board Shield  Product description:1, The module complies with international safety standards, control area load area isolation groove;2, Genuine relay Songle;3, With the power and relay action instructions, pull bright...
Dc 12V Xh-W1209 High Precision Thermostat Control Red Digital Display W1209 Dc 12V Temperature Controller Xh-W1209
W1209 DC12V Digital Cool Heat temp Thermostat Thermometer Temperature Controller Feature Details: Model: W1209 Light Color: REDTemperature control mode: ON / OFF Temperature range :-50-110℃ Resolution When temperature is 0.1 the resolution is -9.9~99.9, other temperature segment is 1 Control...
High Power L298N Driver Board Module L298 Stepper DC Motor Smart Car Robot Breadboard Peltier
Module name  : dual H bridge motor drive module Work mode      : H bridge drive (double road) Main control chip  : L298N Packaging      : electrostatic bag Logical voltage  : 5V Drive voltage  : 5v-35v Logical current  : 0mA-36mA Driving...
4 pin Tact push button micro switch SMD SMT 6*6 Series various height tact tactile switch push button switch
Feature:Feature momentary contact 4 pins black square push button through hole mounting.Used in the fields of electronic products household appliances and more.High precision mechanism design offers acute operation and long service life.Suitable for college students, engineers and techniciansPersonal DIY electronic...
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